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LASE is a worldwide leading company for laser-based sensor applications in the industry. We offer innovative and productive solutions by combining state-of-the-art laser technology with sophisticated software applications.


Kuenz is one of the oldest companies in the Vorarlberg engineering industry. Our history is littered with milestones and proud achievements, which is why we’re recognized today as the market leader.


Coupling Technology for the Industry of Tomorrow! We are one of the world-leading OEMs of mechanical couplings for portcranes. The only ORIGINAL Barrel-roller-coupling, invented and constantly developed by Malmedie, to extend crane availability and reduce lifetime cost. SNAG-protection by our safety-coupling, to shorten downtimes, reduce stress for the crane-material and extend lifetime of components. AND: The first ISC-couplings are in place - the motor-inertia is disconnected from the gearbox in case of E-Stop, which leads to less peak-torques & flank-changes in the gearbox. Next ground-breaking Invention: ISC-Hoist: THE component-, maintenance- and cost-reducer.Malmedie, already the second time honored with the TOP-INNOVATOR-AWARD in 2021, provides the whole package of couplings and solutions for your cranes.

We are looking forward to meeting you, our clients, in October.


Automation projects are technology driven but have a big impact on operational process, people and jobs. Our mission is to integrate the Ops Factor in automation projects and to bring synergy between operations and machines. 


Terberg Special Vehicles has its roots in a village forge set up in 1869. We design and manufacture special vehicles such as terminal tractors, Yard tractors, RoRo tractors and road/rail tractors which are used in ports, heavy industry, distribution centres, railway shunting yards, tunneling sites and airports. These tractors (also known as shunters or tugs) can be fully customised to your requirements. Our vehicles stand out by their operational efficiency, driver comfort, robustness, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.


The world’s safest, most productive, energy efficient and reliable cranes are driven, controlled and automated by Siemens. Siemens’ extensive know-how in development, engineering, commissioning and service in the crane business dates back
to 1891. More than 5500 harbour cranes are currently controlled and driven by Siemens. Unmatched quality and worldwide presence ensure maximised reliability.


SIBRE Siegerland Bremsen is a worldwide operating manufacturer of brakes and crane components. Right from the foundation in 1958, value was set on technical innovation, the most modern manufacturing technology and high customer use. With SIBRE you rely not only on decades of experience, but also on the most modern development and manufacturing technologies.


The largest container crane supplier in the world. The global market share of its ship to shore container cranes is more than 80% in 2017 according to World Cargo News. Until April of 2018, ZPMC’s products entered 100 countries. Additionally, ZPMC has more than 20,000 employees worldwide and an R&D team of 500 people.